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And this is for you! Yes, for you!

Unplanned Hike

It was actually Saturday morning that I met up with my friend William to visit the airplane graveyard in Bangkok. Then on our way, we met this cool German trying to find the graveyard as well, so we went all together. We had an amazing time together vlogging and taking some grungy photos of this epic place in Bangkok. William stayed in my apartment until Sunday morning and just in time he filmed me while I'm playing Sunday morning.

Slow-paced Life

I fell in love with this place the moment I land my feet on this province of the Northern Thailand, Nan. There are so many beautiful places here that are worth visiting. Surrounded by mountains and rice fields, this place is perfect for people who want to experience slow-paced living.

Camped out for Christmas

So I decided to spend my Christmas on the top of the mountain. I was expecting just an amazing hike but little did I know, I hiked with great people along the way. I met an 82-year-old woman who hiked with the son of her boss. She said, " I think I can still do it, I can still hike the mountain." "I need to walk faster because it's a lot harder when I walk slowly." During the first day, we walked for 30 minutes to the second cliff to watch the sun setting.

Oceans (Snippet)

Got my first DSLR and let's try the video quality. This is a short snippet of Oceans by hillsong (please excuse my messed up hair and patchy facial hair.   
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