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Thailand is one of my favorite country. It is my second home. Living here is like going back to the 90's, well maybe i could say 90's because that's the year i was born and I am experiencing identical set up during my childhood. The way of living here is very simple mostly in the provinces. They welcomed the advancement of technology but what amazes me is how they preserved their old culture and even the younger generation still practices their tradition. Yes they practice it and not just remember. 


S̄wy cıdī

The majority of Thai people are Budhist. They are following and practicing the teachings of Budha. They are very respectful to others. They are very kind and hospitable, always willing to help. "Mai pen Rai" is a word that you will always hear from Thais, it means "it doesn't matter" or "dont worry about it" or "It's okay". No wonder why many travelers come here and stay for a very long time, however, there is a thick language barrier. Thai people do not speak English like other asian countries. There are very few people who can speak English, mostly those people who lives in big cities like Bangkok and Chiangmai. Learning Thai language is hard. To learn how to speak basic Thai is a good thing but to learn how to read and write is another thing, and they also have several dialects depending on the region, like the Northern and the Eastern Thailand. They love to eat, and to talk. you would hear the Thai women, bursting in laughter with the sound of "hahahaha hewwwww". But the best thing about Thais, that i would love to practice as well is their kindness and hospitality, they would throw you a big smile even if you do not understand each other. Trully it is the land of smiles. 



There are so many beautiful places you can travel to and enjoy in Thailand. I love how the Thai people welcomed the change in technology and was able to preserve the beauty of their natural resources. They took advantage of the advancement of technology to preserve their natural resources like the mountains and its road system, the seas and the water transportation, the fields and the advanced organic farming. I am curently residing at the Northern Thailand in the province of Nan. There are several beach islands in the southern part and beautiful mountains in the northern part. There are also big cities like Bangkok and Chiangmai where you could find cheap goods and services like clothes, accesories, traditional massage and foods.  


Ar̀oy māk

This what i like the most in Thailand.  Thai food is flavoful and spicy.  When you travel to Thailand, expect that you will  gain a couple of  pounds because the foods are so delicious and very cheap.

If you are a big fan of spicy food. This is the best place to go. You get  a delicious  Thai food without hurting your travel budget a lot.

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