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Confidence, Beauty and Insecurity

Journey to a world full of competition by Ilona

We live in a world where everything is based on looks and social statuses , and meanwhile everyone seems to be quite aware of that , no one really does anything to change that . 

Young girls are so obsessed over their “role models” whom they consider as their “role models” just for the looks , forgetting that beauty can be bought and even more commonly -faked .  

Consequently , we end up with people struggling with eating disorders and depression because they feel like they are not good enough . 

It would be a lie if I said that I haven’t been there , I used to ( and still sometimes do ) compare myself to Instagram models and other pretty people which, hence , destroys self esteem leaving one at the darkest mindset possible .
Name : ​Ilona
Nationality : Russian

She was born and raised in Thailand. Both parents moved in Thailand long before she was born. She's currently studying in an International University in Bangkok taking up Communication Arts. 

To conclude this message , I would like to remind everyone that as cliche as it sounds , you are unique in your own way . No one is flawless . Don’t forget to compliment each other and appreciate beauty . Being envious doesn’t make us any prettier but a few positive words might make someone’s day or even a week . It’s also beneficial for your own soul . 

Be kind , be positive , and only together we’ll eventually be able to achieve a brighter world
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